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  You are looking for THE Level Control System for LPG storage tanks ?


You want:

·         high-tech with proven technology

·         optimal safety and reliability

·         practice experience, flexibility and support


and after all, you have to comply with the statutory requirements and guidelines:

·         ATEX certified for explosion safety

·         PED certified as safety precaution (functional safety)

·         electrical safety (LVD)

·         electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)


The CL Level Control concept offers:

  • Overfill Protection with two switching levels (main alarm and pre-signalling*)
  • “fail-safe” by means of self control
  • no adjustment necessary

  • completely independently working Overfill Protection and level meter integrated in one sensor

  • sensor of stainless steel

  • modular, flexible and simple installation (eurocard modules)

  • level read out in volume percentage and three adjustable switching levels

  • complies with all relevant European and (North) American standards and directions (for instance ATEX,PED, CE, TÜV,cCSAus)


   *with refrigerants the main alarm and pre-signalling are generally at the same level. 


The system consists of a multiple capacitive sensor, measuring converter and processing electronics with outputs for various purposes. The operation is based on the changing of the capacitance when the sensor gets into the liquid. The capacitance changes are converted in the converter into electrical signals.


In the processing electronics those signals are translated to switching levels and a digital read out. The signal of the Overfill Protection is processed dynamically, “fail-safe”, to control the output relay(s) for the protection function for the maximum level.


Depending on the requirements and risks, one may chose from two configurations: with a switching amplifier CL-SLA1 (AK4) or CL-SLC1 (AK5). For very large tanks and/or tanks with an increased risk, the CL-SLC1 is suitable, for other applications CL-SLA1 is sufficient.



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