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Overfill Protection

Automatic Fill Stop

Emergency and Motor Stop

Tanker Control


Small and Large Storage Tanks

 Fuel Stations

Bunker Stations

Fuel Trucks


 TV4/F (for LPG)  and

TV4/H (for oil/fuel)


You are looking for:

·         Overfill Protection or automatic filling stop without compromise

·         compatibility with various sensors (PTC characteristics)



·         small (and large*) storage tanks

·         ease of installation and use

·         a low investment per tank or installation

·         optimal use in combination with MultiFUS sensor (LPG)


which complies with the statutory requirements and instructions with regard to:

·         ATEX, KEMA certified / product and production

·         PED, for instance for LPG: TÜV certified / product and production

·         electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

·         electrical safety (LVD)


TV4 is a system for wireless, radio-controlled Overfill Protection or automatic filling stop, to be mounted on the tanker. In combination with compatible sensors, it is an efficient and functional system which involves only a small investment per tank or installation. Moreover, in combination with the multifunctional MultiFUS sensor the extra features like pre-signalling are utilised optimally.

The driver takes the small, rechargeable, explosion-safe hand transmitter to the tank and from there he controls the tanker automatically. For this, the connector of the hand transmitter is connected to the for that purpose present, compatible Overfill Protection sensor, and the filling may start. The condition of the sensor is transmitted wirelessly to the antenna/receiver unit on the tanker by means of a special safety protocol. The unit transfers the data to the switching amplifier. Moreover, the switching amplifier itself is also of an explosion-safe (zone 1) design, and may be mounted into the fitting cabinet just like that. Finally, when the tank is full the tanker is stopped automatically. Beside that, the driver may even stop the engine, by means of the button on the hand transmitter. Optional, both STOP functions may also be operated with a second, very small and independent hand transmitter (F: TX-MAS, H: TH-EAS). For the oil version even temporary stopping and after that restarting is possible.


* Dependent on the locally applicable requirements and instructions



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last modification:  2009-07-17

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