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Overfill Protection

Level Measurement



Bulk Tanks*

Autogas Fuel Stations*

Small Storage Tanks



MultiFUS for LPG Tanks


    You are looking for:

·         Overfill Protection without compromise

·         full-electronic level gauge

·         automatic adjustment (“auto-calibration”)

·         compatibility

·         all-in-one sensor



·         small (and large *) LPG storage tanks

·         ease of installation and use

·         low investment per tank or installation


which complies with the statutory requirements and instructions with regard to:

·         ATEX (KEMA certified: for product and production)

·         PED (TÜV-certified: for product and production)

·         electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)



Multifunctional Sensor for electronic Level measuring and Overfill Protection


  • brass sensor, with block flange connection (so-called “small” version) or

  • stainless steel sensor, with DN40, DN50 or SR connection (so-called “large” version)

  • autonomous, continuous battery powered LCD read out on or near the tank

  • 4/20mA-current connection for telemetry and/or remote read out

  • Overfill Protection by means of compatible tanker control, for example TV4/F


This measuring system is a combination of capacitive level measuring and an independent sensor for Overfill Protection, combined in one mounting. The continuous level meter works fully autonomously on a long-life battery. The LCD read out displays the content in a volume percentage and is actualised approximately once per 5 minutes. However, the measuring frequency is increased immediately to once per 5 seconds if the Overfill Protection is connected to the tanker unit, or if the 4-20mA connection is used. If necessary, the level meter is adjusted automatically at the contact point of the Overfill Protection, normally  at 85% or 90%.


The small sensor with block flange connection (jr.) always has a separate box with read out and tanker connection, and with the large version may be chosen for the same or for a read out in the cover of the measuring converter, at which only the tanker connecting is produced separately.


* remark: it depends on the local valid instructions and regulations which sensor and/or (compatible) Overfill Protection can and may be applied for which tanks.


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