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Sentronic, the electronic LPG meter without moving parts !


This fully electronic tank meter for automotive tanks is the proper alternative for the regular, float based tank meters. Everywhere where wear and tear, mechanical transfer and other to mechanically meters related limitations are not acceptable, the (advanced) Sentronic tank meter offers relieve !


CMT has been engaging in level measuring in LPG tanks for almost 25 years, for (almost) all small and large tanks. But the first meters were for application in cars! During the course of time many different readers have been produced, in various forms and with various features, almost always to full satisfaction of the user. During this period a lot of practice experience has been gathered in the field of capacitive level measuring and a lot of expertise has been built up. Indeed, the until recently (analogue) Sentronic LPG level indicator for cars has been subject to some changes and optimisation, but finally was changed little, compared to the original model. However, during the course of time, various features proved to form a stumbling block regularly. Like the difficult to reproduce adjustments with the potentiometer(s), which lead quite often to complete unsettlement, but also the small power supply unit and the limited flexibility with regard to the specific desires of OEM’ers.

In the era of application and integration of micro-electronics in various products and articles, of course the Sentronic could not stay behind alone. The capacitive sensor which has proven itself through the course of time, and is fitted with an “intelligent” measuring transformer based on a microcontroller, with a number of interesting featured ! Beside the sensor, which is further optimised as regards to solidity, the most important features of the Advanced Sentronic in functional respect are as follows:  


  • electronic adjustment, so no more potentiometers
  • univocal and reproducible characteristic
  • broad output voltage reach (0/1..5V)
  • (possibility to) curve compensation
  • variable damping
  • programmable via PC-interface


Moreover, the design is such flexible, that for example for OEM’s, so there where that is economically sound because of the numbers, adaptations my be made which make possible a seamless connection to existing situations. Although the more or less standard analogue 0/1..5V output signal is well usable in most cases, a typical resistance characteristic (with respect to ground) may indeed be a very much desired option, in connection with the exchangeability of for example float meters.


The furter (electrical) basic specifications are:

1. operation voltage (12V-accu)               9...15V

2. power usage (unloaded)                       6...20mA

3. analogue output (empty ... full)           1..5V (+/- 5%)

4. output resistance Ro                           appr. 1kOhm

5. automotive/industrial temp. range      -40°C … +85°C

6. protected against increased and over voltage at 12V-board net

7. protected against reverse connection (of all wires)


Is further in compliance with R67-01 and the automotive EMC directive.


Further available options:

·         UtoR-xxe, Interface with resistance characteristic, for compatibility with passive 2 wire resistance senders, for example 0-90 Ohm.

·         ASD25, Digital 2½ digit LED-display with dimmer function.

·         EFS80L, Electronic tank meter with integrated electronic filling stop.


RDW E-type approval



Design and Copyright:

CMT Manufacturing BV


last modification:  2009-07-17

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